Secondary Research

As a consulting firm, Systems Consulting™ relies on secondary research as the foundation upon which to conduct primary research. We utilize a wide range of available sources to find the most substantial, reliable data related to your research needs. Our sources include reports and studies by government agencies, labour unions, media sources, among others.

We also have a wealth of in-house data as well as strong research linkages with international and regional agencies such as the Central Bank of Barbados, the University of the West Indies, the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank, CARICOM and the World Bank.

Trend Analysis

In today's world, the preferences and buying behaviours of consumers change very quickly. Having the ability to accurately predict these changes provides businesses with a competitive advantage.

Systems Consulting™ has the right mixture of expertise, experience and talent to conduct an effective trend analysis for your organization. Utilizing primary and secondary data sources, we analyse past and present trends/statistics which are significantly relevant to your research objective.

We provide insights into the following:

At Systems Consulting™, our dedication to our clients' success stretches back thirty (30) years. It is this dedication which drives us to provide both objective, research-based expertise and hands-on approaches to your unique situations.

When conducting your trend analysis, we work closely with you to provide useful information which enables informed decision making.

Stakeholder Classification & Mapping

Systems Consulting™ assists its clients in understanding the roles and contributions of the different stakeholders in their organizations. The research we conduct enables our clients to build effective relations with their stakeholders.

Via qualitative research methods, we assess the perceptions of an organization held by each stakeholder group.

We provide a thematic analysis, highlighting:

Drawing upon our years of experience and proven expertise, we are able to produce comprehensive stakeholder reports that allow organizations to make informed business decisions.

Brand & Reputation Measurement

Being able to understand, articulate and communicate your brand is vital in today’s marketplace. In the same way that a picture says a thousand words, your brand can say a great deal about you. If you think that you’re in a market that means you don’t need to define or build your brand – think again. Everyone has one, whether they like it or not.

Systems Consulting™ has a proven history of partnering with companies throughout the Caribbean and providing brand and reputation measurement services. These services we provide serve to improve and protect our clients’ reputations and brand values.

We have sixteen indices that we use to measure your brand and reputation. This process focuses on measuring attitudes, behaviours, expectations and perceptions held by your key stakeholders and that ultimately will help you to articulate your brand essence. The data we collect and the reporting we provide enables you to make business decisions that enhance your corporate status.


As part of our commitment to continuing education and to ensuring that your staff is adequately trained in all aspects of the research process, we also offers a range of marketing research training courses.

Our courses include:

Systems Consulting™ values its clients deeply and we seek to ensure that each training session is a success. To accomplish this, our marketing research training is delivered by experienced, qualified professionals who ensure that each participant departs with the competencies necessary to design and implement successful marketing research initiatives.

In addition, we would be happy to work with you to tailor any of the above courses or design a new course to suit your individual staffing needs.

For further information about our Marketing Research services, contact us at or (246) 431-8950.