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Marketing Research

Our Marketing Research Process

When conducting a marketing research project, it is essential to define the research objectives i.e. what do you want to achieve from the research? What do you need to know?

At Systems Consulting™, our research process begins with establishing clearly the objectives of your research. We meet with you to identify these objectives and the planned outcomes. Once the objectives are outlined, we develop an approach and research methodology based specifically on your objectives and goals. Depending on the methodology selected, our team of qualified researchers undertake the requisite actions to provide you with objective and clear information on which you can take action.

In short, Systems Consulting™ follows a process that:

  1. Identifies your objectives
  2. Defines those objectives in concrete, measurable terms
  3. Identifies the best approaches
  4. Assembles and analyses data (depending on the methodology)
  5. Interprets the findings

Throughout project planning, execution and delivery, we liaise constantly with you - providing you with up-to-date progress reports until the final report is delivered. After delivery, we also provide periodic follow-up services to ensure the continued relevance of the information provided.