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Systems Consulting


The utility industry is complex and constantly evolving to better cater to the needs of citizens. Systems Consulting™ has worked with many major utility companies throughout the Caribbean to meet the needs of their customers. We offer a wide array of services in areas such as Information Technology, Management Consulting and Marketing Research.

Our key services to this industry include:

  • Strategic Planning and Facilitation
  • Request for Proposals development and evaluation
  • Marketing Research in the areas of Customer Satisfaction Surveys and Secondary Research
  • Information Technology in the area of Billing Systems selection and implementation, Systems Integration, and Software Development.
  • Workforce Management integration of Time and Attendance, Payroll, HR and Financial Accounting systems.

Our industry knowledge, broad functional capabilities and commitment to excellent service has allowed us to partner with utility company clients to achieve success across varied platforms and service centres.

For more information about our consultants and the services we provide to Utility Companies, please contact us at or (246) 431-8950.