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Customer Support

Everything we do at Systems Consulting™ centres around delivering value and satisfaction to our clients. To consistently achieve this, we utilize qualified Product Support Specialists who are dedicated to supporting and educating our clients. This means responding to your questions and issues quickly and positively. It also means reaching out to educate you about how to make better use of our products and all the features available to you.

The role of our Product Support Specialists is supported by a Help Desk system. This Help Desk system allows us to easily manage our customer service delivery. It enables us to provide quality support to our clients, by allowing our Product Support Specialists to track and respond more effectively to client issues and queries. When a client has an issue that needs to be addressed, the issue is logged, assigned and actioned within Help Desk. With Help Desk, you get the benefit of knowing that that your issues will not “fall through the cracks”.

Summary of benefits of Help Desk

  • Creates assurance that each issue has been logged and is being dealt with
  • Allows client to receive better service, and have issues resolved in a timely manner

To reach our Help Desk, you can contact us by email at or by telephone at 1-246-431-8950 between 8am and 5pm Monday – Friday, excluding public holidays. We also offer Service Level Agreements which provide support to our clients outside of the standard working hours.

If you need further information about our Customer Support, contact us at or (246) 431-8950.

Our Help Desk brochure can also be downloaded from the link below:

Help Desk