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INFINITIME - Time & Attendance

InfiniTime 7.0 is a web-based Labour Management software solution which allows employers to operate and manage their labour resources from a remote website or server. Systems Consulting™ is a leading reseller of this solution in the Caribbean.

Due to it's web and network server accessibility, InfiniTime 7.0 eliminates the time consuming process of individual workstation installations. Employers can simply access InfiniTime 7.0 by clicking an icon on their desktops or by entering a web address.

Utilizing the application’s user friendly interface, employers can:

  • Analyse non-worked time
  • Spot trends and patterns
  • Generate management reports for analysis
  • Track benefit days
  • Stop unauthorized over-time
  • Generate attendance reports
  • Generate highly detailed time card reports

The InfiniTime 7.0 software application offers everything a company needs to save time and money. It improves payroll accuracy and accelerates the overall time and attendance process. Importantly, it can interface with many payroll (e.g. MICROPAY Plus 2000, Smart Stream, Sage ACCPAC etc.) and HR systems for seamless integration.

InfiniTime 7.0 also supports the use of biometric (hand or fingerprint) readers and traditional card swipe readers. At Systems Consulting™, we also offer a range of biometric and badge readers, these include:

  • Athena – The Athena is a sleek swipe card terminal and proximity badge reader. It has a compact design, consistent with the functionality and storage of a high end reader.
  • Luna – The Luna is a highly secure fingerprint time clock terminal and pin entry reader. Compact in design and easy to use, the Luna allows users to clock in & out using fingerprint recognition or via entry of a PIN Number on its keypad.
  • Juno – The Juno is a biometric fingerprint reader. It uses the latest in advanced biometric fingerprint technology to improve the overall efficiency of Time and Attendance operations.
  • Thor – The Thor is the latest in the line of data collection terminals with biometric fingerprint verification created by the creators of InfiniTime 7.0., Inception Technologies. It is the most versatile of terminals with four different connection methods.
  • The Scout – The Scout is a biometric hand geometry reader. It delivers the flexibility of a full function time and attendance terminal together with the sophistication of the most accurate identification technology available.

Our methodology for these solutions takes the following approach:

  • Requirements Gathering.
  • Installation and Configuration.
  • Data Conversion.
  • Training.
  • Implementation Support.
  • Post Implementation Support (Help Desk).

If you need further information about InfiniTime and its associated products, contact us at or (246) 431-8950.

A brochure can also be downloaded from the link below: