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SR Plus - Student Records System

SR Plus is a comprehensive Student Records Management System developed by Systems Consulting™ to meet the needs of tertiary level educational institutions. It is a flexible, scalable application that eliminates inefficiencies and redundancies in the work lives of school administrators.

The application’s flexibility, ease of use and customizability make it ideal for use by universities, colleges and polytechnics.

With its easy to use interface, administrators can:
  • Register students for a programme.
  • Automatically create class schedules for students and lecturers.
  • Generate student timetables.
  • Track course marks.
  • Scan exam grades and automatically update student records.
  • Analyse fee payments.
  • Produce graduation eligibility reports.
  • Calculate student GPAs.

Importantly, SR Plus was created with an expandable “open” design that allows it to continually evolve to accommodate clients’ requests. This enables the system to remain functional over many years of use.

Systems Consulting™ provides a range of services for this solution. These include:

  • Detailed training and implementation plans designed to meet specific client needs.
  • Application modification, done by our highly trained in-house software developers to meet the requirements of our clients’.
  • After-sales support, through our Help Desk.

If you need further information about SR Plus, contact us at or (246) 431-8950.

A brochure can also be downloaded from the link below: