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NIMS Social Security

NIMS is a software application developed by Systems Consulting™ to modernize operational processes of social security institutions in the Caribbean. It serves as a complete management system which handles all aspects of the social security process.

With NIMS, our aim is to improve the efficiency, performance and accountability of social security administrations. The application was designed with a particular focus on bringing about improved business processes and information management, better service to citizens, enhanced transparency and improved management of finances.

The application's features include:

  • Registration - Employee, Employer and Self-employed
  • Contributions - Collections and Management
  • Inspection and Compliance
  • Finance
  • Claims and Benefits
  • Statistics and Productivity Reporting
  • Communications
  • System Control
  • Enquires

Systems Consulting™ provides a range of services for this solution. These include:

  • Detailed training designed to meet specific client needs.
  • Software enhancements and customization
  • After-sales support, through our Help Desk.

If you need further information about NIMS Social Security, contact us at or (246) 431-8950.

 A brochure can also be downloaded from the link below: